Watching In The Shadows

by Arlenderre

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All tracks were recorded live on the Watching In The Shadows tour


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Arlenderre England, UK

Arlenderre is something of an enigma. A completely independent singer/songwriter with no intentions of becoming part of the music industry circus. He prefers the artistic freedom of the underground movement where he has built up a huge following of dedicated fans. He tours extensively and has a great rapport and respect for his audience. These tracks were all recorded at his live performances. ... more

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Track Name: Midnight
Something's making me
Feel uneasy tonight
Can't stop looking behind me
Walking in the moonlight
Don't know what's out of place
But I know it's not right
And was that look on your face
Just a trick of the light?
No, I'm not staying in the shadows with you
I'll be home by midnight

I've gotta stop this hoodoo feeling
Before it's begun
You do voodoo, knew you'd
Catch me on the run
If you're out to steal my soul
Just for sheer delight
Well, I'm not losing control
But then I just might
So I'm not taking any chances with you
I'll be home by midnight

What's that change in your eyes
And strange kinda laugh?
I swear you're casting a spell
They call it witchcraft
And I can hardly speak
The way you excite
And now I'm getting too weak
To put up a fight
Oh, I'd better keep my distance from you
And get me home by midnight
Track Name: Night Bird
Just when the time is getting late
I feel my heart is gonna break
Cos I know she's wide awake
Like a night bird

I hear her footstep on the stairs
Telling me to mind my own affairs
If you don't agree, who cares?
She's a night bird

I just can't take it anymore
I see her walking out the door
Just what is she looking for?
And where is she going to?
What's she going there to do?
Is she just as lonely too?
Like a night bird
Track Name: Take What You Want
If you wait, you’ll be waiting forever
You’ll be working your fingers to the bone
You may as well go down to the river
And fall in and sink like a stone
You can either be hungry and feeble
And feed off the crumbs on the ground
Or grab what you can from the table
Where there’s more than enough to go round

Take what you want
They’ve got more than they need
Don’t accept that there’s nothing for you
Take what you want
Get it now
Take what you want

If you wait then you’ll just give up trying
And they’ll have you work till you drop
And all of their cheating
And dealing and lying
And stealing is not gonna stop
You can live in the filth and the squalor
And beg for the scraps that they throw
Or take hold of them by the collar
And force them to pay what they owe

Take what you want
They’ve got more than they need
Don’t accept that there’s nothing for you
Take what you want
Get it now
Take what you want
Track Name: It's A Pity
It's a pity
Now we're no longer lovers
Now you're talking of leaving
And we spend our time dreaming
We don't wait for the moonlight
Keep our eyes in the distance
As we go searching for something
Colour blind, chasing rainbows
We don't know where we're going
We'll get drenched when the rain falls
Never counting the real cost
Never knowing what we've lost
As it all goes around and 'round

It's a pity
All the reasons for laughing
Are now only a memory
And it makes us unhappy
I don't know what you wanted
You don't care to remember
You don't want to go back then
Now we're acting like strangers
Yet we go on pretending
When the story is ending
While we're living in shadows
There's no hope of an answer
As it all goes around and 'round
Track Name: Won't Be Able To Sleep
Bet you think cos it's been so long
That I'm over you
Bet you think that I'm happy
And doing alright
But we'll never meet again
So you'll never know
And I won't be able to sleep tonight

Bet you think that I don't recall
Every word you said
Bet you think that time
Will make it alright
That I'll forget every lie
But that isn't so
And I won't be able to sleep tonight

Though you may be able to move on
And leave all the memories behind
Oh, you may be out of my life
But I can't get you out of my mind
Track Name: Lost Without You
At the time it was easy
It was all that I knew
But you've got everything
That you need now
So what am I to do?
There was time then for dreaming
Though it never came true
And what good are dreams
Now I'm lost without you?

I was walking on water
I was floating in air
I'd have done anything
That you asked me to do
I'd have gone anywhere
I'd have been anybody
That you wanted me to
But who can I be
Now I'm lost without you?

If I just had a reason
If you'd just let me know
But I've lost every sense of direction
So where am I to go?
Where you led, I would follow
What you did, I would do
But who am I
Now that I'm lost without you?
Track Name: Movin' On
I've travelled with you till the bitter end
I've tried to make it any way I can
But now I see just what I'm heading for
And I won't take this heartache anymore
Don't look around for me cos I'll be gone
Not goin' down with you I'm movin' on

I've taken second place and put you first
I gave the best to you and took the worst
But now I've finally got my mind to clear
And I don't know just what I'm doin' here
I've come to realse you're not the one
Not goin' down with you I'm movin' on

Now I find it so hard to understand
Why I thought I was in love with you
From now on, whatever I do
I'm doin' for me

So I'll be walkin' down another road
I won't be carryin' a heavy load
There'll be no troubles now to burden me
Just wanna feel the joy of bein' free
I won't be there for you to lean upon
Not goin' down with you I'm movin' on
Track Name: Beautiful Lady
Beautiful lady
All dressed in black
I'm standing at the bar looking at you
In the mirror looking back
Must say I like what I see
I wonder what you think about me
Beautiful lady
Are you just a little lonely tonight?

Are looking for a lover?
Are you waiting for a friend?
Well, I could use a shoulder to lean on
And make me feel alive again
There's something about
That look in your eyes
Maybe we could compromise
I'll be your lover
If you'll be my lady tonight

Funny how when you're all alone
You find company in dreams
Even though you know
They can't come true
They say don't fall in love with love
It's never what it seems
But I could easily
Fall in love with you

You're a beautiful lady
What could you see in me?
I could never answer your dreams
And take you where you wanna be
I could only give you my love
Whatever am I thinking of?
Beautiful lady
I'm just a little lonely tonight
Track Name: Ten Years Behind
The neon lights shine bright in the city
They cast the shadows dark
In the corners of your room
And you lie trapped in bed with a stranger
But it's food in your mouth
If you can stand the gloom

The streets are paved with gold in the city
But the streets outside your door
Seem to shine a little dull
Always thought that you'd be somebody
But I guess that you were wrong there after all

It's so sad
You've been had by dreaming
You found out that life is not so kind
Think you'll be back on top
When the time comes
You poor little fool
You're ten years behind

The sun, it never shines in the city
But the street lights cast their glow
Upon your makeup just the same
Remember when you used to be so pretty?
But you won't ever see those days again
Track Name: Marley Avenue
Marley Avenue
I walk this way again
It's just a memory now
But I'll always feel the same
I can't stop wanting you
I can't stop going back
I'm left with just a dream
But I'm holding on to that
And I'm standing in the shadows
And I wanna call out your name
I remember how it used to be
And it brings back all the pain
I'm watching from a distance
Through tears that cloud my view
I wanna reach out and touch your hand
On Marley Avenue

Marley Avenue
It means so much to me
It's someone I used to know
It's someone I used to be
I can't stop loving you
I can't stop holding on
I can't let this feeling go
When everything else is gone
I'd give up all the future
For a minute of the past
Cos living in this empty shell
Is just too much to ask
Yes, I'd give up my tomorrows
For yesterday with you
But I know we'll never meet again
On Marley Avenue